Hen of the Woods

Hen of the Woods is committed to providing local, sustainable, and all natural products – from the food on your plate to what you put on your skin. We aim to support and grow the local economy by growing nourishing food and sourcing local ingredients from ethical and sustainable producers.

We operate from our 30 acre homestead on the South Mountain in the Annapolis Valley and offer traditional artisan soaps and body products from the studio, free range eggs, garlic, greens and small scale perennial crops from the field and forest grown or foraged mushrooms and maple syrup from the woods. 


“Emily’s handcrafted soap is lovely, soft and gentle”

“I have been buying the microgreens and absolutely love how fresh they are! Can’t wait to try more!”

“Emily is an amazing woman with many beautiful hand crafted or homestead items to offer including delicious eggs & wonderful soap I use daily.”

“I’ve been buying Hen of the Woods Laundry Soap from Market Between the Mountains and I’ll never use a different kind again! I LOVE this natural handmade soap – even my boyfriend is using it and likes it! And as a fisherman he has very dirty clothes that come clean. You have a customer for life right here.”


Tapping into the Forest

From tree to bottle, the process of tapping maple trees and turning that sweet nectar into something our family can enjoy throughout the whole year has been an amazing experience! Not only are... Read more