We provide our local community with fresh, nutrient dense, sustainably grown, pesticide free farm products, including but not limited to:


  • fresh free range eggs from happy heritage hens
  • asparagus
  • garlic
  • blueberries

  We love to experiment with perennial and annual crops to fill gaps in small scale farming. Rather than focus on large scale market gardens, we grow mostly perennials and full circle polycultures, working with the land and using zero pesticides.

  In our efforts to close the loop between farm to product, we are always expanding our growing space to include more herbs and other botanicals. In 2019, we added 800 lavender plants and a number of other herbs to our fields to increase self-reliance and invest in the future of our farm and business.  

Free range eggs and chicks from happy heritage breed hens!

We have raised many breeds of chickens over the years but have really enjoyed the Rhode Island Red for it’s personality and dual purpose qualities. We also keep some Silkies for their exceptional mothering abilities and some Easter Eggers because we love a splash of colour!

We only offer eggs and chicks from farm gate and in limited quantities depending on the season. 




We now have 400 Asparagus ferns thriving in the field. This Jersey Giant variety from Keddy’s Nursery in Woodville, NS has large, tender spears with great flavor. This variety is also very cold resistant so it is one of the first treats coming out of our frigid NS winters. My favorite way to enjoy these is to saute in butter just until the spears change from light to dark green with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Makes a great side dish for any occasion!


Every year we have been doubling our garlic production. We started with 50 cloves for our garlic loving family and now grow over 1000 cloves of the hard neck Music variety to be sold at markets, farm gate or dehydrated to be turned into mushroom soup/seasoning mixes or infused into garlic jelly, yum! 

We have also added a number of soft neck varieties to offer culinary garlic braids in the fall of 2021!

Extending the Season

Our 20×40 unheated hoophouse attached to our workshop is the perfect spot to start early cold hardy greens like Kale, Spinach, Lettuce and Microgreens. We also use it to get an early start on our canning garden with heat tolerant crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. We love experimenting and working with heirloom varieties and expanding our saved seed collection.

Future berry bounty!!!

 Probably our favorite crop, most certainly for the littles! Having an assortment of berries at your fingertips throughout the whole growing season is by far the sweetest reward on the way to, from or in the middle of chores on the farm! There never seems to be enough to freeze to get through the whole winter when you eat them before you get inside though! We are slowly increasing our berry and fruit production and hope in another couple of years to not only have enough for the freezer but some on offer as well! For now, you may have to visit for a small taste 🙂

Lavender & Herbs

In an effort to grow more of our own botanical ingredients for soaps and body care products, we have added a large herb garden and a small lavender field of over 800 plants so far. We have 3 varieties including Munstead, Hidcote Blue and a large hybrid variety called Phenomenal. We sell fresh and dried herbs from farm gate and have started extracting hydrosols and essential oils using steam distillation with a copper alembic still and look forward to many more adventures like this on the farm!